Fun and challenging back and forth with Mandy Connell (84WHAS)

I had the opportunity to be on Mandy Connell’s 84WHAS show this morning (May 22, 2012 – Kentucky primary day).  Thanks, Mandy!

Promo from her blog: “WANT YOUR PRIMARY VOTE TO MATTER? Jon Bingham does. He’s got a crazy notion on rotating primaries. I shall chat with him at 9:30.”  That was a good clue that it would be an interesting conversation.

Although she may not quite be fully convinced just yet ;o), it was a lively and useful exchange. Go to the 12:50 mark for her final promo statement and the start of the interview – listen here.

To more completely address some of Mandy’s legitimate questions/concerns (since we always think of things afterward that we wished we had said…):

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The Problem, The Solution

Should Iowa be the first state every time?

Should New Hampshire always host the first primary?

Should South Carolina always be the first Southern state?

Should Florida always be the first mega-state?

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